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   Currently No Great Dane Puppies For Sale 


Each puppy is 550 regardless of colour or markings and all will have been wormed, nails trimmed, some or all toilet training completed (mostly paper trained and introduced to crate traininig), socialised, handled regularly and in general good health. I will not let any puppy go before 8 weeks old as they are still learning from their mother and littermates.

I also offer my own puppy guarantee whereby, god forbid, if you loose your pupppy through ill health for any reason in the first year, I will replace it free of charge.

100 deposit secures your puppy and I will start and call it the name you give him/her.
***This deposit is non-refundable ...mostly!***

I can and will be flexible on this but this depends on the age of the puppy, reasons for changing your mind, levels of interest and other factors.  Also refunded if the puppy is not fit to leave my home for any reason. 


Great Dane Puppy Stand OffGreat Dane puppy Merle and Black


I actively encourage everyone to come and visit as it helps socialise all the puppies. I don't mind late or weekend visits as I appreciate you are all not as lucky as me to work from home.
Be prepared to stay for an hour or more so I can answer your questions and pass on/collect any pearls of wisdom. Plenty of hot drinks but no biscuits as on a failing diet!

Great Dane Parent Background

Sire (dad) is a blue KC registered Great Dane with his mother and father being a blue also. The oldest female Harlequin is not registered but is thoroughbred (both parents were Great Danes). Her mum was a blue and dad was a Boston (black) Great Dane. The youngest Harlequin is DL (dog lovers) registered, her mum was also DL registered Harlequin and her dad is a prize winning KC registered Harlequin. The blue Dam is KC registered.


All puppies are raised indoors and exposed to all household noises, smells etc. These include the hoover, adult dogs and DIY cursing from me!
Personally, I disagree with breeding dogs outside. I see no advantage to breeding or keeping puppies outside other than convenience for the breeder, maybe a kennel owning breeder could counter argue my point? 
All puppies are handled regularly by myself, family and friends. I will often sit and watch Friends and Scrubs with a puppy in each arm while they sleep.

Most visitors have commented on how inquisitive, friendly and energetic they all are. As soon as a face is close by, they all want to play and show lots of affection.

Kennel Club registration

Mmmm, opening a can of worms here. In short, getting a KC registered puppy does not guarantee anything other than the Kennel Club were paid money to register the puppy and they don't want to make that difficult for anyone, do they! A KC or DL registered puppy is no guarantee of it's health, ability, personality or temperament.
KC accredited breeders are still being complained about and investigated
When buying a puppy for a pet, it should be born and raised inside in my opinion, handled and socialised regularly and frequently, get on with other animals and have no food or seperation anxiety. Most puppies over 8 weeks should have some form of toilet training started (all mine do).  

Current Interest

As soon as I have pictures of the new litter I will setup a new photo gallery and details of birth weights and current interest.  

Great Dane Puppy Pictures

From their birth for as long as I have had them, I have taken lots of pictures. These can be found either on the page as thumbnails which when pressed show a much larger image or in the Photo Gallery. (please be patient, there are a lot of large pictures that need resizing so is slow). Latest pictures of available litter found here.
Click the thumbnails below or to the right for larger faster loading images (these are not from the currently available litter).




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